Mensuration Formulas

Mensuration        formulae
                                  அளவையியல்      சூத்திரங்கள்

Area of circle
Area of circle = Π r ²
Circumference of circle = 2 Π r
Area of triangle
Area of Equilateral-triangle = (√3/4) a²
Perimeter of Equilateral-triangle = 3a
Area of scalene triangle
Area of scalene triangle = √s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)
Perimeter of scalene triangle  = a + b +  c
Area of semicircle
Area of Semi circle= (1/2) Π r²
Perimeter of semi-circle = Πr
Area of quadrant
Area of quadrant = (1/4) Π r²
Area of rectangle
Area of rectangle = L x W
Perimeter of rectangle=2(l+w)
Area of square
Area of square = a²
Perimeter of square = 4a
Area of parallelogram
Area of parallelogram = b x h
Area of quadrilateral
Area of quadrilateral=(1/2) x d x (h+h)
Area of rhombus
Area of rhombus =(1/2) x (d x d)
Area of trapezoid
Area of trapezoid =(1/2) (a + b) x h
Area of sector
Area of the sector = (θ/360) x Π r ² square units
(or)  Area of the sector = (1/2) x l r square units   
Length of arc = (θ/360) x 2Πr

Curved surface area = 2 Π r h
Total Curved surface area = 2 Π r (h+r)
Volume = Π r²h
Curved surface area = Π r l
Total Curved surface area = Π r (L+r)
Volume = (1/3)Π r²h
L² = r² + h²
Curved surface area = 4Π r²
Volume = (4/3)Π r³
Curved surface area = 2Π r²
Total Curved surface area=3Π r²
Volume = (2/3)Π r³
Curved surface area=4h(l+b)
Total surface area = 2(lb+bh+h l)
Volume = l x b x h
Curved surface area=4a²
Total surface area = 6a²
Volume = a³



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  2. Many students find mensuration topics very difficult as students need to understand various shapes, how the shape turns into different shapes when cut from a different angle, and formulas to solve a particular mensuration-related problem. The formulas you shared here would be very helpful for the students and if they learn them well then definitely they will be able to solve many questions. Mensuration is a very important topic when it comes to the geometry of the universe. By definition, mensuration refers to the part of geometry concerned with ascertaining lengths, areas, and volumes. Hence, it is easy to see why mensuration in learning maths is instrumental and plays a big part in real-world problems. Thanks for sharing.


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